andreas haars

As a member of the Senior Management Team at ROBUR Industry Service Group GmbH, Andreas Haars serves as Head of the Business Unit Energy business unit. In addition, Andreas Haars serves as CEO of KOBAU (since 2007) and as a Partner of the ROBUR Industrial Service Group (since 2016). Mr. Haars also functions as KOBAU’s technical supervisor for welding and for non-destructive materials testing (NDT).

Before joining KOBAU, Mr. Haars worked for over two decades in the financial sector, including on postings abroad that lasted several years. As the Head of Risk Management for a major German bank, Mr. Haars was responsible for handling the risks arising from bank acquisitions on both the national and international level as well as for steering the implementation of complex restructuring and integration projects.

Mr. Haars holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Economics as well as a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.). Mr. Haars is also certified in Germany as an expert welding engineer (SFI) and as a specialist in non-destructive testing (NDT Master).

Frank Ambos

Besides serving as the CEO of SAT Kerntechnik GmbH, Frank Ambos also functions as COO for the ROBUR Energy business unit and as CEO of AEK Atomic Engineers GmbH in Karlstein, Germany, a subsidiary which has become specialized in planning and consulting services in the area of nuclear waste disposal.

Mr. Ambos became Head of the Nuclear Decommissioning unit at SAT Group in Worms, Germany in 1999. Just three years later in 2002, when SAT Kerntechnik GmbH was successfully established as a standalone company, he took over the helm as Managing Partner.

In this role, Mr. Ambos has succeeded in positioning SAT Kerntechnik GmbH on the market as a competent and agile provider of specialized services in the areas of nuclear decommissioning, decontamination and radiation protection. The company emphasizes innovative strategies and rounds out its service portfolio with the deployment of skilled technical personnel, the provision of waste-disposal solutions and the cleanup of contaminated industrial sites in Germany and other European countries.